Want to shop in a store? Here's a guide to where you can find our beers


You'll find our beers at every IGA store, Wine Bank on View, Dan Murphys, BWS Kennington, Epsom, Kangaroo Flat, Hop Supply Co, Cellarbrations in Kangaroo Flat and more

Kegs are pouring at All Seasons, the Shamrock, Tysons Reef and many others around town


Jacks Cellarbrations, Ryans IGA stores, Dan Murphys Ballarat and Delacombe


Chas Cole Cellars, IGA Grovedale and Grovedale East, Dan Murphys stores


Central Wine and Liquor, both IGA's, Cellarbrations

Daylesford, Gisborne, Macedon, Romsey

Foxxys Cellarbrations, Cellarbrations Gisborne, IGA stores Gisborne, Macedon and Romsey


Dan Murphys:  Echuca, Shepparton, Sunbury, Melton, Point Cook as well as Bendigo, Geelong, and Ballarat stores



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  • Howdy,
    I bought a slab of the xtra pale ale recently and have had a similar issue with losing half the beer to over frothing once opening, the beer also seems to have hops still in it? I can send photos etc.
    Normally the beer is ace, this time not so much…

  • Just wondering if possibly some cans of ipa had been overcarbonated by any chance. Bought a dozen for the grand final and everyone I opened had excessive head either pour out of the can or launch a fair way out of the can. They hadn’t been shaken and had been sitting in the fridge for a good 3 hours before being consumed.

  • Hello, just wondering if you guys have changed the brookes ipa recipe recently? We tried the new (?) cans with the printed labels and they seemed different to the cans we’d had previously with the sticker labels. Really love the older recipe :)

  • Great beverages right at our door steps! Love the Selz and trying out new flavours. Latest favourite is using blood orange juice. Able to make it as sweet or dry as you want according to your personal tastes! Well done guys


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