Our heritage crop is ripening nicely

This is our long term project and one we're very excited about.  We’re in the process of reviving old barley varieties that were selected for the great beer they made rather than what they yielded in tonnes/acre.  If you’ve tried a beer brewed from Maris Otter, one of the varieties we’re working on, the only one commercially available and hence one of the best known it has a unique character that our modern barleys can’t come near.  Meaty, thick, full, mouth filling, delicious are some of the words that come to mind to describe it, those old varieties just make the beer better, especially when you are working with the modern hop varieties.

The problem is these old barleys are only available in very limited quantities, the gene bank might release 20-100 seeds if you can get them at all and you have to grow them up, you need tonnes, not grams to make beer.  Last year we increased to a few hundred seeds of each variety and all going well we'll have a few thousand at the end of this season

Don’t expect a beer from us with these any time soon, we think we’re probably 3 years at least away from that, but we've started the journey.

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