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 Meet Doug (left) and Roy, who along with Mel - she's not keen on photos - own the East Bendigo Brewing Company, Bendigo's one and only craft brewery.

All of us live in Bendigo in central Victoria and we're pretty keen on making interesting and exciting beers that we can distribute to you at a pretty fair and reasonable price.

That's because we believe beer should be inclusive and approachable.  We want our beers to be your trusted friend, not weird.

If we get geeky, it's about the technical parameters of our beers, stuff that's going to be pretty boring for the drinker but which we obsess about.  We believe that Craft Beer needs to be every bit as technically sophisticated as the big brewers because let's face it, who wants to drink stale beer and how could we ever run a successful business if our beers weren't great?

Outside the brewery we believe in family, blokes sheds, music, dogs, yum cha, getting out in the bush for a walk or onto a stream for a fish and the great tradition of the local pub.  

Both our partners work in health care who teach us every day to look after yourself and your loved ones, stay as active as you can, take time out for your mental health, check in on your friends and get vaxxed (!!)

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  • Hi there, my partner and I have just recently bought the Union Hotel in Heathcote and are hoping to touch base with you to have a chat about your beers; we also like beer and are very keen to stock local regional beers in the pub!

    If you would like to have a chat, give me a call on 0407331127 or via return email.

    Alison Nurthen

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